About us

Horses and our guides

Spread over our two ranches, live almost 40 horses. Some are private horses only ridden by their owner, and other horses are for our guests to experience horseriding in our beautiful Tuscan countryside. 

There are too many hoses to mention by name now, but each one of them is very special to us and exceptional in its character, behavior and is respected, loved and taken care of in the best possible way. 

We have some lovely cowgirls at the ranch guiding horses and riders during the whole year.

Come and meet them: Sara, Elena, Gaia, Carlotta, Carlo. All professional English speaking guides with a lot of passion for horses and being very friendly to riders. 

Laura and her father Franco

Laura, owner of the Ranch, was only 4 years old when she told her dream to her father: her own horse. She begged and begged her father for a horse until he was convinced that Laura was really serious about it. 

Her father Franco, became a great horseman himself, realised his daughter's dream with lots of sacrifices. At the age of 12 Laura won price after price with riding. She developed an exeptional talent for training young horses. Now Laura is just 26 years old, and is the owner of the most Western ranch of Tuscany. 

Franco guides the two days mountain trek with overnight stays in the mountain house.

She is a fantastic guide and lovely teacher, for people as well as the 35 horses. The horses we ride with are mostly mustangs, born in the wilderness of the National Park The Garfagnana. Laura and Franco train the horses by Pat Parelli methods. Fabio, Lauras husband, built the ranch, paddocks, delivers hay etc.


Rosi, born in The Netherlands, has been riding all her life. Mostly dressage in the Netherlands. After the first Western trail ride in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, her love for Westen riding was born. 

It was not until ten years ago, that her dream came true, when her first own horse Nishan galloped in her life. She found her grey Arabian from the Netherlands and brought him to Italy. 

In 2008 Rosi has set up Lucca Horseriding, answers phonecalls, replies the emails, does the PR, organizes the reservations for rides and guides on the trails. Her husband Adriano is one of the the roundtrip transport driver for our riders without transportation.