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Lucca Horseriding Ranch


FOR GPS: Place: MUTIGLIANO - Street: Via della Chiesa Decima

For your GPS the place is Mutigliano, not Lucca. 

You need our directions here below for the last part, the address doesn't bring you to the ranch, but close.

Don't search for via Onacrog!!!!

Coordinates of the ranch: 43o52'51"N and 10o28'28"E 


Directions to the Ranch from Lucca and the highway A11/E76 

The ranch is located about 8 km from toll road barrier. If you drive along A11 Motorway (toll road), exit at Lucca Est and follow the sign towards Lucca and then the sign Centro until you’ll come at the ring-road (large road that runs around Lucca). 


Follow walls of Lucca through a long avenue of trees and stay right at the end of the avenue of trees.

Take second exit of roundabout follow signs to: Abetone/ Bagni Di Lucca / Camaiore (the wall should be on your right side). 

Follow the road along the wall of Lucca. You drive through a lane with trees on both sides. 

At the traffic light left, direction Camaiore (SP1=Strada Provincia 1) and Viareggio/Pisa. 

The road turns left, then right, follow Camaiore (SP1) 

At the next crossing follow the road, which turns to the left. Then you see the sign on your right that you left LUCCA. At the right side, you see the empty open air market halls. 

Now you drive over the river, on the bridge, after bridge turn right. Direction Camaiore. 

Keep driving towards Camaiore for about 5 km, you’ll drive past the sign Cappella and then you see the Q8 gas station behind that sign. 

At 50 meters at the left side, you see a tiny stone bridge direction Mutigliano.

You cross this tiny bridge and follow this road for 800 meters (this is the Via della chiesa Decima) until you see at the end of this road an iron cross in the middle of the road. This is a little roundabout.

Cross this over and go on between the stone pillers, on both sides there are white signs Lucca horserding and Nostro West, at the left side a soccer field. Drive past the yellow house, slowly and 100 meters further is the parking of the ranch.  

Then you will see the ranch/grassfield 200 meters after the yellow house on the left side.

Park your car in de designated area.

You have arrived, walk to the wooden cabin where we will wait for you.

Enjoy the ride!

Lucca HorseRiding
Western riding in breathtaking Tucany landscape

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