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   Horse riding Disclaimer

Please read carefully!

Fill out your details and send the disclaimer before arrival


Lucca Horsering/Nostro West is not responsible for accidents, injury or other unforseen events which may occur. Neither for belongings lost or stolen at the ranch.


Horseriding can be a high risk activity. Horses can be unpredictable and in some circumstances they may react to the environment and also to your conduct and the conduct of other riders.


Very occassionally horseriding can involve equipment that may break even though we do endeavour to regularly check and upgrade gear.


We do recommand that you wear the safely helmet provided, non compliance is at your risk.

Listen carefully to the instructions given by our staff.


PLease fill out the form and send back to us, for each rider a separate form. 

This will help to speed up the preparing process on the day of your ride.

For minors under 18 years of age, an adult has to sign.

Read also our Privacy policy HERE

Fill Out your Disclaimer 
I agree with the riding conditions and disclaimer
 as writen on this website

Thank You

We will delete all your data on the end of the day of your ride

Lucca HorseRiding
Western riding in breathtaking Tucany landscape

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